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The Privacy Policy here explains the policy of Studybuddy Learning’s website and Studybuddy Learning’s mobile application, with respect to the disclosure, collection, storage, usage and protection of your information during the course of your interaction with the Website and the App. Please read the Privacy Policy carefully in conjunction with the Terms of Use as stated under IT Act. In case, you do not understand this policy, or do not accept any part of the policy mentioned, then you should refrain from using the Platform altogether. Your and/or continued use of the Platform, amounts to an express consent to the terms of Privacy Policy as well as the Terms of Use.

For the purposes of this Policy, access of the Website and the App together with any study material or Test Course or Video Course etc. made available or uploaded therein or downloaded, embedded therefrom shall collectively be referred to as the “Services”.

This Privacy Policy forms part and parcel of the Terms of Use for the Studybuddy Learning Services and shall be read as a whole. Capitalized terms used here, but undefined, shall have the same meaning as attributed to them in the Terms of Use.

Information Collected From You

1. When youusethe Platform bywayofregistration, log in, creationofauseraccount, purchase of a test series, video course, attempting a mock test, etc. or bywayofinteractionviathird party websites and/or mobile applications or by any otherwayofcommunication with the Platform,Studybuddy Learningmay collect your personal identifiable information including name, dateofbirth, gender, demographic information, photos, e-mail address, telephone number, mobilephone number, credit card or debit card details, geographic location, mailing address, social media account details including list of contacts/friends and examination preference.

2. Studybuddy Learning will uset his information to validate you as auserwhen using the Platform, to provide the Services to you, including administrationofyouruseraccount, to notify youofchanges to the Service or about any changes to our terms and conditions or privacy policy, to manage business, including financial reporting and billingofits Service, for the developmentofnew products and services, tosendyou newsletters, offers and promotion coupons to market and advertise its products and services by email, to comply with applicablelaws,court orders and government enforcement agency requests, for research and analytic purposes including to improve the qualityofthe Service and to ensure that the Service is presented in the most effective manner for you and yourdevice.

3. By registering on the Studybuddy Learning Platform, you agree and confirm your consent to providingStudybuddy Learning your aforementionedpersonalinformation, which is lawful, necessary and permissible. You at all times have therightto discontinue theuseofthe Platform.Studybuddy Learningis not liable to provide you its Services in the absence or your refusal to provide the aforesaid information. Additionally,Studybuddy Learningis not liable to ensureor maintain the same quality of its Services to you, as it may for a user who provides all aforementioned information.

Information Collected Automatically

When you visit or interact with the Platform, apart fromStudybuddy Learningcertain third party advertisers and/or service providers mayusetechnologies that automatically collect information about you for both transactional (e.g., confirmationofregistration, notificationofpurchase made, etc.) and promotional (e.g., promotions, emails, etc.)purposes.Your information may be collected byStudybuddy Learningor such third party advertisers and/or service providers in the following ways

1. Log Files: Every time you visit the Platform,Studybuddy Learningserversautomatically receive log information from your browser and device that was used to access the Platform (such as IP address, device ID, details of your network operator and type, your operating system, browser type and version, CPU speed, and connection speed). This enables us to validate you as a User, to understand your usage of the Platform and helps us to make changes and updates most suited to your needs and interests.

2. Mobile Device: When you register your mobile device orusethe mobile device to access the App, In addition to the aforesaid,Studybuddy Learningwill also collect device information such as mobile device ID, model and manufacturer details, operating system etc. for the purpose of improving the App’s overall functionality and displaying content according to yourpreferences.

3. Cookies: Cookies are data files placed on your device,usedto keep trackofinformation such as your interaction with social mediawebsites,the content you click on, download, upload or share and other activity on the Platform etc. in order to improve your experienceofthe Platform by personalizing it to your preferences andusagetrends.

4. Web Beacons: Web beacons are transparent graphic imagesusedin our email communication to you, in order to understand customer behavior and improve the overall quality, functionality and interactivityofthePlatform.

5. Mobile Analytics: Mobile analytics software isusedbyStudybuddy Learningtobetter understand and customize the functionality of the App’s software on your phone. This is done by collecting information such as your frequency of the App’s usage, the features you prefer to use on the App, where the App was downloaded from, Device Id, name of other mobile applications on your device, etc.

6. Payment /Purchase Information: In order to access certain paid features and services onthe Platform, you may be required to create or log into a separate account on a payment gateway. Once such an account is created, in order to process your payments/ purchases on the Platform, such payment gateway provider may require and collect your details such as name,address,phone number,emailaddress and credit or debit card information, netbanking information or detailsofanywebwallets maintained by you. Any and all payments made/processed or details provided to or shared with such authorized paymentgatewayproviders shall be stored directly by such payment gateway providers without any information passing through or relayedto Studybuddy Learning. Platform assumes no liability inrespectof such paymentsand/or information shared with or provided to such authorized payment gateway providers. It is further clarified that the aforementioned information is only used in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law and in strict adherence to this Privacy Policy.

6. Public Forums: Any information that is disclosed by you in the comments section becomes published information andStudybuddy Learningshallnotbe held liable for the securityofthe same or any persona information that you disclose herein. You agree to exercise cautionwhendisclosing any personal information or personally identifiable information in thisregard.

7. Public Forums: Any information that is disclosed by you in the comments section becomes published information andStudybuddy Learningshallnotbe held liable for the securityofthe same or any persona information that you disclose herein. You agree to exercise cautionwhendisclosing any personal information or personally identifiable information in thisregard.

8. Please note thatweonlyusethe aforesaid information to communicate with and/or improve the Service and to better understand our users’ operating systems, for system administration and to audit theuseof the Service.Wedo notuseany of the aforesaid data to identify the name, address or other personal detailsofanyindividual.

9. For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, anypasswords,financial information such as credit or debit card details or other payment instrument detailsandany other information prescribed by law to be sensitive that may be collected byStudybuddy Learningduring youruseofthe Platform and the Services provided thereon,shallbe referred to as “Sensitive Personal Data orInformation”.

Link to Third Parties

The Platform may include links that redirect you to other websites. These third party websites are not covered by this Privacy Policy. You agree that once you leave our servers, any third party websites that you go to or interact with are at your own risk.Studybuddy Learningshall not be held liable for any default, loss of function or any risk that your personal sensitive information may be exposed to as a result of the same.

Sharing or Disclosure of Information Collected

1. As a strict policywewill not disclose, share or exploit your information with anyone without your permission.

2. However,wemay mandate under law or under contracts to make certain limited disclosures under the followingcircumstances:

Legal Necessity: Studybuddy Learningmay share anyofthe aforesaid information,including your personally identifiable information or Sensitive Personal Data or Information, without obtaining a separate consent from you, if and when such information is requested or required by law or by any court or governmental agency or authority to disclose, for the purpose of verification of identity, or for the prevention, detection, investigation of any criminal activity, or for prosecution and punishment of offence.

Limited Disclosure to Service Providers:We may disclose your information (butnotSensitive Personal Data or Information) to our service providers and business partners(“Service Providers”) for the purposes of betterment and improvement of our services including but not limited to hosting the Platform, payment processing, analyzing data, providing customer service, etc., for the purpose of making various features, services and products ofStudybuddy Learningavailable to you and investigating or redressing grievances. This will be in the form of aggregated anonymous data and will be under strict contractual arrangements that preserve the confidentiality and security of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy

Limited Disclosures for improvement of services::Studybuddy Learningmay share the aforesaid information including your personally identifiable information (but not SensitivePersonal Data or Information)whenit is required to be shared with sponsors, partners, advertisers, analytics companies or third parties for the purpose of marketing, advertising promotional offers, offering product information and market research, in connection with the Service. This will be in the formofaggregated anonymized data and will be under strict contractual arrangements that preserve the confidentiality and securityofyour personal information in accordance with this PrivacyPolicy;

Security Information Collected

1. Wetake the securityofyour personal information seriously anduseappropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal informationagainstunauthorized or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage. Unfortunately, the transmissionofinformationviathe internet is not completely secure. Althoughwewill do ourbestto protect your personal data,wecannot guarantee the securityofyourdata which is transmitted to or from the Service. Any transmission is at yourownrisk.

2. We keep your personal information for no longer than is necessary for our business purposes or for legal requirements.

Amendments to The Privacy Policy

Studybuddy Learningmay amend the Privacy Policypostedon the Website from time to timeatits sole discretion. Your continued access or use of the Platform or Services constitute your acceptanceofthe amendments. Your access anduseof the Platform and Services will be subject to the most current versionofthe TermsofUse,rules and guidelines posted on the Website at the timeofsuchuse.Please regularly check the link on the home page to view the most current PrivacyPolicy.

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