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Studybuddy Digital Learning Program For Students

StudyBuddy Digital Learning Program and Services

The studyBuddy is one of the service provide and educational supported firm. Which help the students to achieve good scores in the exam results through Studybuddy Digital Learning Program.

Service Provided Studybuddy

The services which supported by the studybuddy are follow.

  1. Visual Learning Style.
  2. Mobile, Tablet and Pen Drive solutions For Students & Teachers.
  3. Integration Features.

Visual Learning Style


The visual learning style, often referred to as the spatial learning style, is a way of learning in which information is associated with images or graphics. This learning style requires that learners first see what they are expected to know. People with this kind of learning style are often referred to as visual-spatial learners. Other learning styles are auditory and kinesthetic.

Mobile, Tablet and Pen Drive solutions For Students & Teachers

Studybuddy Digital Learning Program

StudyBuddy supports small screens form factors like tablets & mobiles by auto-adjusting the screen size & content. This enables teachers & students to access the platform on any device in a user friendly manner. Studybuddy also provide E-Guide Home based digital learning tool which will work without internet.

Integration Features

StudyBuddy supports embedding content such as You Tube, Khan Academy,Crash course, WikiEducator, Slide Share and many more. Teachers can easily bring the outside content seamlessly into StudyBuddy.

Studybuddy – Cbse Pendrive

We are launching a new product Cbse Pendrive Solution for helping the students to get good score in the exam result.  The features include such as follow,

  • Simple Languages.
  • Complete guidance .
  • Solved questions.
  • Study tips.
  • Learning program.

The Cbse Pendrive is now provided, To student from L.K.G to Plus Two class. The main advantages of this pendrive is animated contents are available for each class, So the students can easily understand the portion. We also  cover each and every portion in the syllabus. And we include previous year solved question papers and their solution. More attractive Studybuddy Digital Learning Program are also provided. By purchasing the pendrive the tution for the childrens can avoide.


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