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CBSE STD 8 Home Learning and E-Learning Pendrive

Class 8 Educational Pendrive Description: In the E-Learning Pendrive  provided by the studybuddy will cover the entire informations such as. Animation Acitivities e-Books Exam Fully Solved NCERT Solutions. NO INTERNET Connection requires. The self-study contents with give students the experience of real time teacher-student interaction. Topic-wise explanations, rich animation, assessments and recapitulation of topics will […]

Studybuddy Digital Learning Program For Students

StudyBuddy Digital Learning Program and Services The studyBuddy is one of the service provide and educational supported firm. Which help the students to achieve good scores in the exam results through Studybuddy Digital Learning Program. Service Provided Studybuddy The services which supported by the studybuddy are follow. Visual Learning Style. Mobile, Tablet and Pen Drive […]

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